Recruiting Tempo Team Leaders


  • Must commit to learning the Tempo System
  • Must recruit and build a team of no more than three people
  • Must be responsible for managing the Tempo Team
  • Must create a trading schedule to fulfill the 23 hour trading day requirement
  • Must be responsible for verifying and documenting Team Members’ schedules
  • Must be responsible for receiving payments from SmartWorX and disbursing to Team Members
  • Must be honest and committed
  • Must be ready to Win


  • Must be willing to learn the Tempo System and follow established guidelines
  • Must be astute and intelligent
  • Must have impeccable impulse control and integrity
  • Must have a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility
  • Must be enthusiastic and eager
  • Must be committed being an active part of the Tempo Team
  • Must be ready to Win


  • Must comprise no more than three people including a Team Lead
  • Must commit to trading in 23 hour cycles
  • Must be synergistic and cohesive
  • Must have a strong team spirit
  • Must be ready to Win